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Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to offer you a reliable and consistent service with excellent quality UK laboratory work, but at affordable prices - wherever you're based in the world.

How we do this

We do this by carrying out all communication via email and providing any information required through this website. We do not have the traditional overheads of other laboratories, such as administrative staff, telephone lines and printing costs; therefore we are able to pass on our cost-savings to you, our clients.


You will be able to relax knowing that your work is in safe hands, SmileGB is a fully accredited laboratory of both BARD & BADI.


Who we work with

Paul TiptonProfessor Paul Tipton is our scientific and clinical advisor and has been working with SmileGB to ensure his recommended methodologies are used at all times.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Die stone - fuji rock.
  • Solid Master models - with marked margins.
  • Pinned working models - pindex or equivalent.
  • Minimum of 3 layers of Belle De St Claire die spacer.
  • All ceramic shoulder and metal cut back for better gingival aesthetics.
  • Correct sandblasting of internal surface - 120 microns.